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Last week, we talked quite a bit about who Jesus is and why the New Testament and Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) are meant to be read together to make sense of Jesus' ministry and the Good News.

Let's start by figuring out where we are.

Read: Genesis 12:4-8 and Acts 14:24-28

Write down the places that are referenced in the passages. Can you find them on a map (you can use the links below)?

Abraham's journey

Paul's JourneyHow do you think they knew where to go? Imagine what it would have been like to travel by foot/caravan to those far-off places, not knowing what you would find. What would you fear the most? What would you look forward to?

Both Paul and Abram trusted in God's guidance, even when they didn't know what to expect around the next corner.

Watch: the (to minute 3:15) of the PBS documentary on Amelia Earhart:

Amelia didn't create flight; she built upon all of the lessons learned, the adventures taken, and the successes and failures of those who came before her. Her confidence was not only in her own skills but in the evidence of the past (all the pilots and scientists that laid the foundation). While she was ultimately not successful, the support she drew from others kept her going.

Much like Amelia, the New Testament's account of Jesus and the early church built upon the Hebrew Bible--the prophets, the covenants with Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and David, the promise to Israel. But God was doing a new thing--taking Israel on a new adventure--something never done before.

Have you ever gone on an adventure or tried something new that you were scared to do? What gave you the courage to do it?

As Christians, it is important for us to recognize Jesus' divinity (if Jesus isn't God, then his death doesn't save) and Jesus' humanity (if Jesus isn't human, then his life doesn't inspire). But how does this work?

Read: Philippians 2:5-9

What human things have you experienced that you can’t imagine Jesus experiencing? Does imagining that help bring you comfort or confusion? 

Optional Watch: season 1, episode 3 of "The Chosen" (you can watch this for free by either downloading 'The Chosen' app or by going to Discuss what surprises you, inspires you, and/or challenges you about this depiction of Jesus.

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