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The Holy Spirit shows up all over the place in the book of Acts. Read about some of the Spirit’s activity and note one verb for each passage to describe how the Spirit equips the people of the early church. Why do you think these actions would have been important to the first Christians?


  • Acts 2:2-4
  • Acts 4:31
  • Acts 7:55
  • Acts 9:17-18
  • Acts 9:31
  • Acts 10:38
  • Accts 13:4
  • Acts 16:6-10

Watch: Acts video 1 (Holy Spirit)

Research/Discuss: Go to "True Stories of Persecution" and read one of the stories of the persecuted Church of our day. Answer the following questions (if the info is available):

  • What year and location did this take place?
  • Why did the authorities view the Christian church as a threat (or why was the church illegal)?
  • What was the response of the Christians to being persecuted?

Watch: Acts video 4 (into the ends of the earth)

You might not be able to travel to the ends of the earth quite yet, but how can you deliver the good news to people in your community? What might you risk by doing so?

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