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Happy September!!! For all of you who don’t know me I am Lindsey Engel, Director of Food and
Sustainability at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church. We have been members here for around 10 years and I have been at my position for three years this month. I have an amazing husband that you will see always helping where needed. I also have two boys, three dogs and a cat which keep me busy! When they are not keeping me going in different directions I enjoy reading, camping, baking, decorating, watching movies, and rooting on my St Louis Cardinals!!! I am not a professional by any means just a mom that loves to cook and try new things.

I have taken food management classes and worked in a kitchen here in Lincoln. My husband and I worked at that restaurant while saving for our wedding over 14 years ago. I learned quite a bit during my time there and found out how much I really enjoyed cooking. Along with my position here at the church, I watch a child one day a week and substitute in nutrition services at
LPS. I have to say that this position at the church has been the most enjoyable and rewarding
experience of my life, except raising my children. I have had the pleasure of feeding our congregation, FEAST partners and members of our community. I truly feel that God put me here to feed and care for people through food.

When thinking about how I want to go about this blog, I thought, I would love to talk about how food makes us feel, how it relates to the bible, how it brings people together, how it triggers memories, and the list goes on and on and on. I will share some of my favorite recipes and memories of cooking with family, friends and this great congregation. I will also give some tips and tricks; I use around the kitchen. My plan is to write a new piece every week on topics depending on the time of the year, what’s going on in the world, and what sparks something inside of me. I can’t wait to start digging in and share my opinions and thoughts!!

Lindsey Engel
Director of Food and Sustainability