Facility Use Agreement
Our Saviour's Lutheran Church is an alcohol-free campus. Smoking allowed ONLY beyond doors to East Parking Lot. Please do NOT smoke in front of entrances.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the church premises (this includes the parking lot). Breaking this guideline will result in the removal of the party from the facility. If the offending party is the event coordinator, the event will be cancelled and no payment will be refunded.

  • Smoking is not allowed inside our facility.

  • All events must be scheduled through the Office Manager at OSLC.

  • All catering must be facilitated by an outside caterer.

  • Posters, notices, visual displays, etc. may NOT be affixed to walls.

  • You must provide your own paper goods, coffee, sugar, creamer, lemonade, etc.

  • Any items brought onto church property must be removed immediately after use. If personal items are left, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church will not be held responsible for them if they are misplaced.

  • All groups will restrict their activity to the room(s) assigned.

  • When children are in attendance they must be under the control of parents or adults at all times and are not permitted to roam freely in the church or on the property.

  • Non-church related groups must provide their own audio-visual equipment.

  • Use of facilities is normally limited to non-profit organizations or church members.

  • Each group will be held responsible for the care and condition of the space and equipment used.

  • Non-profit organizations and members may use non-worship areas on donation basis WITH PERMISSION.

Facility Use Request Form
Area Specific Guidelines

Sanctuary and Chapel
NO food or drinks allowed in worship areas.
Use of organ ONLY by permission from the Director of Worship, Music and Arts.
Use of instruments require washed hands.
Do NOT set items other than music on the organ or piano.

Community Room and Fellowship Hall
Please return tables/chairs to their original set-up.
Take trash out to dumpster if used to discard food items.

Basement Activity Center
Games and activity tables may be used.
Children must be under adult supervision at all times.
Kitchenette may be used. Please see below for general kitchen usage.

Alcohol is prohibited!
Food and drink items, as well as all tableware, must be provided by group.
Clean up area by washing dishes, pots and pans and return to original storage space.
Take trash out to dumpster.
COFFEE POT in upstairs kitchenette—Read instructions for use.

Facility Use Fees

Worship Areas*:
Chapel—Seats up to 125
Sanctuary—Seats up to 450
Weddings $800.00

  • Pre-Marriage Instruction (Prepare/Enrich)

  • Pastor (Honorarium)

  • Wedding Coordinators

  • Church Musician

  • Custodian

(Non-members accepted, case-by-case)

Recitals and other events $100.00
(Scheduled by members* only)

Community Room (seats up to 72):
Without Kitchenette $ 50.00
With Kitchenette $ 75.00
Set-up by custodian (additional) $ 25.00

Fellowship Hall (seats up to 125):
Without Kitchen $100.00
With Kitchen $125.00
Set-up by custodian (additional) $ 50.00

Basement Activities Center:
$ 50.00

Church Vehicles:
Van (seats up to 7)—refundable $ 50.00
Bus (seats up to 36)—refundable $ 25.00
(For member use and congregational purposes only)

Use of Chairs/Tables off-site:
Refundable Deposit $ 50.00
(Members only)

*OSLC staff or designated representative required to be present for use of Worship Areas. Only designated individuals are allowed to work with the sound systems.

Reservation Form

We will send you the official form once you submit this form. Thank you!

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