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April 16, 2022--Holy Saturday
Tobi White
Tobi White
Saturday, April 16, 2022
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 Easter Vigil Service

Full to the Brim: An Expansive Life


Worship begins in Atrium.  


L:           The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

All:        And also with you.  




HYMN— “Wait for the Lord”

The fire is lit as we sing.  


L: (sung) Christ, yesterday and today, the beginning and the ending, to Christ belongs all time and all the ages; to Christ belongs glory and dominion now and forever.

All:    (sung) Amen.


L: (sung) The light | of Christ.

All: (sung) Thanks be | to God.

Repeat 3 x’s.  


L: The Lord be with you.

All: And also with you.

L:    Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.

All:    It is right to give our thanks and praise.

L:    Thank you, God, for the gift of your light, shining on the first day of creation,

All:    Guiding us through the wilderness, and leading us to the land of promise.

L:    You sent Jesus, light of the world, to be our way of truth and life.

All:    You sent the Spirit, breath of life, to inspire us and give us strength.

L:    Help us to follow you each day and rest in your each night.

All:    Until at last we come to live with you in endless light.

L:    Through Jesus Christ our Lord and with the Holy Spirit we give you honor and glory, now and always.

All:    Amen.  


FIRST ‘READING’—The Creation Story (Genesis 1-2)

“When Long Before Time,” ELW #861  


L:    In the name of the Father, and of the + Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

All:    Amen.

L:    In Holy Baptism our gracious heavenly Father liberates us from sin and death by joining us to the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

All:    We are born children of a fallen humanity; in the waters of baptism we are reborn children of God and inheritors of eternal life.

L:    By water and the Holy Spirit we are made members of the Church which is the body of Christ.

All:    As we live with God and with God’s people, we grow in faith, love, and obedience to the will of God.  

SECOND READING—The Flood Story Genesis  6-9 (from ‘Spark Story Bible’)

RESPONSE HYMN— “Be Still and Know” insert  

THIRD READING—The Red Sea Exodus 14 (from ‘Spark Story Bible’)

RESPONSE HYMN— “Exalted Be Your Name” insert, vs. 1, 4-6  

FOURTH READING Isaiah 55:1-11

RESPONSE HYMN— “Surely It Is God Who Saves Me” insert  

FIFTH READING—The Story of the Fiery Furnace Daniel 3:1-29 (from ‘Spark Story Bible’)

RESPONSE HYMN— “Praise the Lord, O Heavens” ELW #823  

*GOSPEL READING—Christ is risen! John 20:1-18  


L: So why do we still look for the living among the dead, even today? He is not there. He is risen!

All:    He is not there. He is risen!

L:    He is the answer. Yet we seek for the answer in other places.

All:    In drugs and alcohol; in food; in relationships; in power.

L:    Christ, the answer, is not in those. He is not there.

All:    He is risen!

L:    Christ is the hope. Yet we search for our hope in other places.

All:    In the economy; in the government; in religion.   

L:           Christ, the Hope, is not there.

All:        He is risen!

L:           It was the first day of the week—the day after Sabbath. And the women ran all the way back to Jerusalem—to the disciples. They ran without stopping. They ran without questioning. They ran to tell the good news to others—others who wouldn’t believe—others who would have to look in the tomb for themselves—others who would have to encounter the emptiness of death before they would believe that he is not there.  He is here. He is among us. Alleluia! Christ is risen!

All:    He is risen! Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia!  


L:    We give you thanks, O God,

All:    For in the beginning your Spirit moved over the waters and by your Word you created the world, calling for life in which you took delight.

L:    Through the waters of the flood you delivered Noah and his family.

All:    Through the sea you led your people Israel from slavery into freedom.

L:    By the river your Son was baptized by John and anointed with the Holy Spirit.

All:    By water and your Word you claim us as daughters and sons, making us heirs of your promise and servants of all.

L:    We praise you for the gift of water that sustains life.

All:    We praise you for the gift of new life in Jesus Christ.

L:    Pour out your Holy Spirit that those who are washed in the waters of baptism may be given new life, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

All:    To you be given honor and praise through Jesus Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.  


ELW (front), pg. 235-236

Laura Buehner, Steve & Rita Walker  


HYMN— “Wash, O God, Our sons and Daughters,” ELW #445  



L:    The peace of Christ be with you always.

All:    And also with you  


L:    Extravagant God, you have blessed us with the fullness of creation. Now we gather at your feast where you offer us the food that satisfies. Take and use what we offer here, come among us, and feed us with the body and blood of Christ, in whose name we pray,

All:    Amen.          


L:    The Lord be with you.

All:    And also with you.

L:    Lift up your hearts.

All:    We lift them to the Lord.

L:    Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.

All:    It is right to give our thanks and praise.

L:    It is our responsibility and our pleasure to give you thanks, O God.

All:    For you give us life and light.

L:    You give us water for bathing and cleanse our hearts with your grace.

All:    You give us bread to eat and wine to drink.

L:    You make all things an expression of your love.

All:    You make all life and experience of your presence.

L:    Even that night, when Jesus was betrayed, he took simple bread and said, “This is my body; I give it to you.”

All:    Praise to you, Lord.

L:    And he took his cup of wine and said, “This is my life poured out for your forgiveness. I offer it freely for your salvation.”

All:    Glory to you, Lord.

L:    We remember.

All:    We remember.

L:    We praise you.

All:    We praise you.

L:    We speak of the greatest mystery of all:

All:    Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.

L:    Help us to follow your example and trust in your promise.

All:    Today and every day. Amen.  




“What Feast of Love,” ELW #487       

“Where Charity and Love Prevail, “ELW #359  


L: The body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ strengthen you and keep you in his grace.

All: Amen.

L: As you leave this place, may you be awestruck by the beauty of this world. May you laugh, and may it be contagious. May you overflow with love for those around you. May you be effusive with hope and quick to point out joy. And in all of your living, and breathing, and being, may you find yourself full to the brim with God’s Holy Spirit, and may it change your life. In the name of the Lover, + the Beloved, and Love itself.

All: Amen.  

SENDING HYMN —“Now the Green Blade Rises,” ELW #379  


L: Alleluia! Christ is risen!

All:    Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia!

L:    Go in peace: Full to the Brim.

All:    Thanks be to God